2020 Rates

All you need to know for The Magical Championship of the world 2020!

Scoring System

This is the scoresheet on which the judges will base their evaluation at The Magical Championship of the World. You can see that the ratios aren't specified. It allows more creativity in between the routines of the same category and level and the opportunity to showcase elite skills for athletes that can do them.

Registration form

Please fill up this form to complete your registration at The Magical Championship of the World and send it to your representative. You will be asked this information:

- Name of the gym, name of the owner or staff member in charge

- Total number of person in your group

- Number of athletes, coaches and other staff members

- Type of package you wish to purchase

- Name and age of each athlete on the team

- Their t-shirt size

Waivers - Athletes

Please fill up the form for each athlete on your team and organise them in the same order than your Team Roster. Your Canadian representative will ask you these documents upon your check-in at The Magical Championship of the World.

Waiver - Coaches

One per coach

Waiver - Deductions

One per cheer club

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