The Magical Championship of the World

Puerto Vallarta

May 17-21 2023

Sunscape Resort

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Open to teams of all levels and categories

No bid required

Xpirit World Cup


December 1-4 2022

Barcelo Hotel & Convention Center

Cancun, Mexico

Open to teams of all levels and categories

No bid required

About The Magical Championship of the World

The international championship of Latin America par excellence, the most spectacular event in Mexico and one of the best in the world cheer & dance scene. International clinics, state-of-the-art technology, world-class judging systems and staff, full media coverage and live social networking and dream production are what convince every year more countries, more teams, more coaches , more athletes. Get on our magic stage and compete against teams from Mexico, Canada, USA, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and more with the goal of demonstrating who is the best in our world class event. Enjoy all the magic that COPBRANDS has for you! 


RND a participé 3 années consécutives au Magical Championship of the World de Puerto Vallarta. Nos 3 expériences furent magiques tant pour notre staff que pour nos athlètes. C'est la tête remplie de souvenirs et de bons moments que tous sont revenus du Mexique. De plus, avoir la chance de remporter 2 années de suite les premières places dans chacune des catégories a rendu l'expérience encore plus parfaite. Nous recommandons cette compétition à absolument tout le monde. Tant nos jeunes athlètes que nos plus vieux ont adoré leur expérience.


RND has participated for 3 consecutive years at the Puerto Vallarta Magical Championship of the World. Our 3 experiences were magical for both our staff and our athletes. It's the head full of memories and good times that everyone has come back from Mexico. In addition, having the chance to win 2 years in a row the first places in each category made the experience even more perfect. We recommend this competition to absolutely everyone. Both our young athletes and our oldest loved their experience.

—  Sarah Lamarre, RND Elite AllStars

About the Resort

The Sunscape Resort is an all-inclusive hotel very well located and easily accessible from the airport. It has a refreshing view over the sea, but most importantly: the competition site is right in front of the hotel, in the area where there are normally tennis and basketball courts and parking spots.

There are also other hotels affiliated with COP Brands to assure enough rooming for international teams especially.

As others will tell you, your trip will be effortless, yet magical!

General Schedule


>> Arrival of the teams


>> Individuals and duos

>> Awards for individuals and duos



>> Preliminary round for Cheer Teams



>> Single tumbling pass competition

>> Finals for Cheer Teams

>> International Elite Partner Stunt Competition

>> Awards for Cheer Teams

>> Gala

>> Theme Party



>> Photoshoot of the Champions

Cheer Categories

COP Brands offer the usual categories and levels. Most teams in Canada will find their equivalent in one or more of these categories. If you are building a team specifically for The Magical Championship of the World, make sure you check on all your possibilities.

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