In 2018, more than 400 Canadians put their trust towards COP Brands and travelled to Puerto Vallarta for the Magical Championship of the World.

If you register with the All-inclusive package, your kids won't have to get out of the resort at all. Makes it very easy for coaches to take care of them.


Why Mexico?

Your kids love cheerleading. COP Brands knows it and prepared an incredible weekend for them.

Clinics with the best in the industry, the most impressive stage of the world, a gala with a fireworks show, meet-and-greet with cheerlebrities... The team bonding experience is so strong, they will want to come back (and stick to their sport another year).

This event?

Join the team!

Witness your kid performing in live-action and, in the meanwhile, enjoy a week of vacation under the beautiful sun of Puerto Vallarta!

Book any all-inclusive around the competition to visit the area or join the group for a complete COP Brands experience.