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Compete in Mexico

a most thrilling and exciting adventure for your cheerleading team

Experience COP Brands' world-renouned extravagant  stage and top-of-class production

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Proud members of the Canadian delegation

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About COP Brands

With its 30-year legacy in Mexico, COP excels in creating a unique and relaxed ambiance that feels equally like a vacation and a competition. The company’s impressive stage showcases top-class production quality, featuring mesmerizing colors, lights, and extravagant designs that captivate participants. Beyond the competition, COP Brands enhances the experience with its Victory party and themed galas. The all-inclusive packages ensure a seamless access to entertainment, food, and hydration at both the hotel and venue. This comprehensive approach makes each event a memorable experience, solidifying COP Brands as a leader in cheerleading event production in Mexico.

How to register


Obtain a Quote

The initial step involves gathering essential information to prepare an accurate quote for your team. Coaches should compile:

-- the number of people attending (including athletes, coaches, staff, and spectators)

-- the required number of rooms

-- the length of their stay

This information will help tailor an estimate that fits the group's needs.


Choose a Category and Level

The next step is to select the appropriate category and level for your team.


Send a Deposit


The third step is to secure your spot by sending a deposit representing 55% of the total amount. All the necessary payment details and instructions will be included in the invoice sent by your COP Brands Canadian representative. This deposit confirms your participation. You're going to Mexico!


Daniel and Dominique have been facilitating the registration of Canadian teams since 2015. Feel free to ask them anything!

Contact us

Thanks for contacting your Canadian Representatives for COP Brands

- Daniel & Dominique

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Canadian representatives

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