Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are different packages for Canadian teams from wich the price will depend: >> Basic package: participate in the event (including the partner stunt and tumbling competition, technical clinics, the Victory Party) with accomodation in a nearby hotel with european plan (no meals) >> All-inclusive package: participate in the event and stay in an all-inclusive hotel on-site or near the competition site for 4 days/3 nights or more >> All-inclusive Grand package: participate in the event and stay in an all-inclusive hotel on-site or near the competition site for the number of days/nights of your choice Ask your representative for the rates of the current year + your Canadian Discount!

What is the schedule for the event?

Wednesday May 16th 2018 >> Arrival of the teams Thursday May 17th 2018 >> Indiduals and duos competition >> Awards for individuals and duos >> Preliminary round for Dance Friday May 18th 2018 >> Preliminary round for Cheer >> Finals for Dance >> Awards for Dance Saturday May 19th 2018 >> Single tumbling pass competition >> Finals for Cheer >> International elite partner stunt competition >> Awards for Cheer >> Gala >> Theme Party Sunday May 20th 2018 >> Photoshoot of the Champions

What's the judging system?

USASF. Ask your representative for the updated Scoresheet.

Is this a two-performance event?

YES, if you qualify for finals. Secure your spot by being on the top half of your category. If there are 4 teams or less in the category, everyone moves to finals.

How do I register my team?

Through your representative, Daniel Luna. Follow the steps as listed in our section 'Registration'.

Why should I go to The Magical Championship of the World?

Who doesn't love a great photoshoot by the beach?! More seriously, each year the Canadian teams stand out in Puerto Vallarta and several have brought back the title of World Champion. Do not miss the opportunity to highlight your talents on the amazing international scene of COP Brands. Make your program different by offering to your athletes (and parents) the chance to live an amazing international experience. Here is what makes The Magical Championship of the World a MUST for your team: >> The international level competition takes place in a privileged environment (by the sea), on the most impressive stage in the world. >> All teams are welcome. All levels are offered. All categories are open. No bid required to participate. >> Practical and easy-to-manage all-inclusive formula. >> More than a competition, it's an experience. COP Brands organizes for participants: competition, hosting, partner stunt competition, clinics, Victory Party, StuntFest, photoshoot and more. >> Media coverage live and cheerlebrities >> Best international rate guaranteed for Canadian teams.

Is there a spring floor?

For the Cheerleading competition: YES. The teams compete on a spring floor since 2017. For the Dance competition: NO. It is a standard dance floor. For the individuals and duos: NO. It is a non-spring floor.

Is the airfare included in the package?

NO COP Brands organizes the event and offers a package combination with the hotel accomodation, but the transportation is your discretion.

What is the right category for my team?

The chart is available in the section 'Downloads' of our website. Please note that the age is calculated at the date of the event (May 16th 2019).

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